Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 2012: Classroom / Studio

I can't believe I've had my classroom/studio for a year and a half already!  And, I'm still not finished organizing!  We all know how that goes, huh?  Back about, oh, March or April 2011, I posted the progress of creating this space.  If I knew how to find the link to a specific post, I'd add it, but alas, I'm lacking in that area. 

I'm going to give you a little tour of my heaven ...

This is my favorite section ... starting on the left, all the drawers are filled with punches and on the shelves above is all my grunge, sticky back canvas, Ranger stamping paper, adhesive sheets, Tim Holtz & Wendy Vecchi books.  The next section from top to bottom are my four Tim Holtz binders, foam alphabet stamps and Wendy Vecchi stamps.  Next shelf are my Distress ink pads, re-inkers and spray inks.  Then we've got Ranger Crackle Paints and Painter Dabbers.  In the back is a clear box of Tattered Angels sprays and in front of that is a plastic container filled with Tim  Holtz Fragments.  The next shelf is an Art Bin box with all my Distress Stickles and loads of little embellishments I like to use on my Tim-inspired tags, and a drawer filled with painting items.  The bottom 3 shelves are beading except for the little set of drawers which hold clear stamp alphabets, and the teal bag on the bottom containing all my Idea-ology.  The next section at the top is my Teresa Collins stampmaker and my clear blocks.  The next shelf hold my Alcohol Inks, Distress Stains, Bind-it-All and lots of coils.  The two drawers are filled with Ranger goodness:  Glossy Accents, Multi-Matte Medium, ruler ribbon, tissue tapes, and much, much more!  Then I've got the melting pot & accessories, 4 draws of miscellaneous wood-mounted stamps and 2 drawers of Adirondack stamp pads and Archival inks.

The other sections contain all my embossing powders, adhesives, glitters, boxes of finished cards from classes, polymer clay, binders of cling-mount stamps, Stampin' Up! chipboard, Cricut cartridges, Stamp 2 Cut cartridges, embossing folders, and lots of scrapbooks and books on art.  The wooden drawers on the bottom house fibers, material, and my collection of paper crafting tools.

The short wall has all my Stampin' Up! cardstock and stamp pads.  I also have the newest addition to my studio ... my kiln!  My hubby is worried about a fire, so I had to purchase a metal cart to house it on.  So, on the shelves are the kiln supplies as well as my new metal working tools.  I just noticed that next to the kiln I have my storage box for all my Spellbinder and thin metal dies.

Opposite the kiln cart is my die-cutting station.  My Big Shot lives here with all my dies in the drawers.  I'm going to have to come up with something new because this is filled to the hilt!  The drawers' glide (well, not, actually) on a flimsy strip of wood, so with all the weight of the dies, these glides days are numbered!

This is where my organizing stopped.  I started at the wall housing things that I've collected over the years to alter in classes.  I wanted this section to also house my scrapbooking paper & supplies, but I ran out of shelves, and things just got thrown on what shelves I did have set up.  Gotta clean this out and maximize the space like I did on the opposite wall.

Here's a look at my 'creation station'.  There hasn't been much creating here in a long time because things just get moved to here when I need to clean the table off for a class!

The drawers contain all my paper cutters, stamp cleaning pads, markers, pastels and a few tape runners.  On the top shelf is my Cricut Expression, eClips (I bought when Tim introduced his Stamp 2 Cuts, but I haven't tried it yet).  Next to that is my brand new prize--a purple eCraft machine!  The rest of the shelves are cluttered with all types of containers, baskets, Big Shot bag and underneath is my Cricut bag.  The white rolling bin holds my collection of tote bags (stop me, I'm soooo addicted!).

Here is my wall-o-Stampin' Up! stamps.

My computer on my always cluttered desk.  I print out everything so I can re-create, but it's all just a big pile of papers!  lol  I just can't stop tho!

This back corner is where the sump pump is.  We used to always get water down here, but we had it waterproofed before finishing it, and knock on wood, haven't had a drop of water since!

I bought the little refrigerator when The Crazy Cropper went out of business, but I'm still waiting for my electrician hubby to finish installing outlets for me, so it's just taking up precious space right now.  I purchased the white storage cubes every time they were half off at Michaels.  Since this wall has one of my 3 outlets in the whole room, my Vagabond sits here.  The white things on the floor are ceiling tiles from my laundry room waiting for dear Rick to finish the new vent to my dryer.  Why they have to be here on the floor, I don't know.

These shelves are on the other side of the wall of shelves (my laundry room).  There were two sets of shelves, but it made it a tight squeeze to do laundry, so I removed a set and just kept this set for my ribbon collection.

This is the Scrap Rack that I just had to have!  It sat empty for about 2 years before I finally organized all my scrapbooking embellishments into one place.  When I moved it down to the studio, I put it on my sewing machine cabinet, and all new embellishments have just been piled on top waiting for new pages to be purchased.

This pile on the floor was over by my cardstock, but when I added the metal cart for the kiln, I moved it all here next to my desk so I could sort through it.  That was over a month ago!  I'll get to it soon Rick, I promise (he thinks I have too much stuff!  ha!).

And, this is the other pile of stuff I have to find homes for.  I used to hold up to 7 classes a month here besides the classes I taught at Michaels every month.  I got burned out and quit Michaels in May, and I haven't taught a class here since the Wendy Vecchi wall hanging.  I decided to schedule some and maybe then I'll get moving and finish cleaning up around here!

I hope you enjoyed my tour, and maybe you'll be able to come play here and create sometime!


TAM said...

WOW, such an amazing space - I've turned positively green with envy.

Marjie Kemper said...

Wow!!!!!! You have a ton of stuff, girl!!! Can't get over how well organized your stamps are... awesome sets of shelving, too. Fabulous. Enjoy it!!

PlumTuckered's Paper Plays said...

I love it!! So fun to take a virtual tour through your creative space! I've never seen a kiln that small...perfect if you ask me :-)

Anita Houston said...

You've got some stuff!!! Fabulous space!

Lisa :) said...

You have an amazing studio space!!