Monday, November 16, 2009

Cabo San Lucas

We're finally arriving at Cabo San Lucas, which was supposed to be our first port, but was delayed to our final port to avoid Tropical Storm Patricia. Looks like the Captain made a good decision, because it's a beautiful day!

Andrea & I had another room service breakfast where we ate on our balcony. Here she is thoroughly enjoying her muffin!

We watched the tenders were going back & forth to the cruise ship that was already anchored.

Our first tender pulled up right below us waiting to bring people to land. Guess we better get ready for our kayaking trip!

These were our guides on our trip (wish I could remember their names!). They brought us over to the beach where we received our snorkel gear & fins and got to pick out our kayak (We got the green one!).
It didn't seem that far, but we had to paddle out past our cruise ship to Land's End. Oy! That was work! Andrea & I were almost the last ones ... there was an Asian woman with her mother who were behind us. They were really struggling, and the guides offered to split up and take each woman in a kayak, but the ladies refused.

We paddled out to the Arch (El Arco), but it was high tide, so we couldn't see it. We also had to leave our cameras on the excursion boat so they didn't get ruined. These photos I took from the ship as we were leaving.
Anyway, we then paddled to this rock formation where we saw a colony of sea lions. The tall one on the right is Scooby Doo (he's looking out over the Pacific Ocean).

Here's Scooby!
We then paddled over to Lover's Beach. Thank goodness! I was pooped! This little piece of land has the Sea of Cortez on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. We were able to explore and go to the other side, but the Pacific Ocean side is very rough. I went in up to my ankles and the waves and undertow were VERY strong ... even for this tough Jersey girl!

We met up with the group again, and we trekked over to another beach where we put on our snorkel gear and headed out to a big rock to see some fish. Our guide had a bag of crackers or something, and he would empty some out under water and a million fish would come to feast. A million snorkelers came too! After much head banging with other snorkelers, I decided enough was enough. I swam off on my own, and when I lifted my head from the water, everyone was gone! I didn't know if they headed back to the kayaks or what, so I figured that was the safest bet in case they were waiting on me.
I got back to the kayaks, and they weren't there either, so I left my gear in the boat and went for a swim. About 15 minutes later, I saw Andrea come up looking a little worried about me. "Thanks mamasita ... I'm OK."
This was the big rock all the snorkelers were swimming around. I wish these places were this deserted when we were here! Lover's beach & this rock were more crowded than NYC!
We finished up the excursion by paddling back to the beach, and they brought us by boat back to the pier to meet the tenders. Andrea & I decided to shop a little before heading back to the ship.
After shopping, we stopped for a cerveza, and I caught the local bookie ...
Guys were coming & going with money going back & forth. I stealthily tried to catch a photo of one of her transactions, and she actually smiled at me (although he looks pretty guilty)! Guess it's not illegal here.

The bookie thing sounded exciting, but she was probably just the landlord collecting rent from all the vendors. lol
Back to the ship where we showered and hung out on our balcony to enjoy the view as we were leaving Cabo.
This was our neighbor, Terry from Scotland, hanging out on his balcony. Terry & his wife were a lovely couple ... every time we came across a pub on the ship, or cantina on land, there they were! They really enjoyed our bottle of bubbly too! I never saw them drunk though ... go figure.

Now, here's a rare shot ... Andrea taking a picture. lol Actually, it's a rare shot to catch her without her camera!

Six o'clock rolled around, and I was wrong about last night's dinner. Tonight's dinner was actually the 2nd formal night. I took some photos of the lovely ladies of Club 300, so let me introduce you to ...

(l-r) Andrea "Snappy", Eileen "Bronx", Barb "Woody"
(l-r) Kathy "Hoosier Mama", Barb "Jaguar", Mary Ann "Sparky"

(l-r) Sandra "Babe", Wendy "Krafty1", Sue "Shooter"

Margaret was originally at our table, but her friend was all alone at a different table, so she changed tables. She stopped by to visit us, and here she is with ...

(l-r) Woody, Margaret "Chardonnay" & Hoosier Mama. I'm glad she stopped by cause the group really missed her!

We had our final class with Wendy at 8pm where we glued lots of papers to fragments to make a necklace. I was so exhausted after all that paddling I couldn't even concentrate. To this day, I never finished that necklace. Maybe I'll do that today ... almost forgot all about it.

Anyway, once again, I by-passed studio time and headed back to the room. This towel visitor was kind of funny ...

I'm pretty sure it's a monkey, but I think Alester needs to work on it a bit. I tried taking photos of this guy from every angle, and I think this was the best. Looks more like a dog snout with a spa towel around his neck!

Time to rest up for our final full day.


Anonymous said...

Oh, finish the damn necklace already. Mine is fabulous...I'm actually teaching a class on it this Friday.
That towel critter...looks to me like a pig that got caught in a tree.
Keep going, girl. I'm LOVING your cruise posts!

Lori said...

That's ok, I haven't quite finished my necklace yet either! I was lucky to get all the other projects done! Keep going on those cruise posts, I'm reliving the memories every day!