Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Dec. 24th already?!

Where, oh where did this month go? I'm sooooo behind ... not that that's unusual for me, but this year, I'm ridiculously behind! I'm chalking it up to the vendor fair I ran at the beginning of the month, and the job at Michaels where I've been working extra hours. I have to get off this computer and actually finish MAKING my Christmas cards! lol! I'm making 130 cards this year, and in my little head, I thought they were pretty simple! Until I started making them! Sure, the basic card is simple ... a piece of folded cardstock w/Designer Series Paper. It's the rest of the card ... embossing outside & inside, the ribbon with the hint of silver cord, the felt snowflakes (I had to get anal about this step ... one of each color, and I couldn't have two of the same on one card!), the rhinestones, my signature stamp. Then, when I'm all done, I still have to fill them out, put in envelopes and add labels & stamps. I have to work today at 2:30pm (I worked last night too, and didn't get home until after midnight!), so do I think I can finish before then? NO!!! I think this year they might actually be my "Easter cards" as my hubby calls them! lol

And, decorations ... HA! We don't even have a Christmas tree! I took my son shopping on Saturday night, and when we got home, he dubbed the big palm tree in our family room our "Christmas tree". I'm so pathetic.

I hope everyone is fairing the holiday season better than me and really enjoying yourselves. I'm going to take some much needed time off for the next 2 weeks, and hopefully, get organized! That's my New Year's resolution ... organization! Oh, and to have 2009 Christmas cards done early! HA!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 12, 2008

End of year classes

Well after tonight's class, there are only 2 more classes next week, and that's it until Jan. 7, 2009! I'm taking a much needed break for two weeks. I plan on cleaning out my stamp room and trying to get some organization around here... oh, and relaxing.

And the new catalog comes out next month! I can't believe it's been 6 months already for this catty! I loved this one, and I haven't spent this much in years! I've seen a sneak peak at the new hostess sets, and you're gonna love 'em! I just ordered a Level 2 set and a Level 3 set, and I can't wait to make some samples. We're gonna have great fun at my new catalog party next month. Speaking of which, guess I better get that on my calendar, huh? I think Saturday, January 31st sounds great!

Well, I'm off to finish preparing for tonight's class. See you soon!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Retired List and ... FREE SHIPPING!

Where do I begin? First, the retired list came out. I didn't do too bad this time... only 13 of my regular sets are retiring (besides ALL my current hostess sets). Oh well, I should be used to this by now. Anyway, go to my website (click the icon on the right) to view the list.

But, to make the list less painful for me, and even better for you ... they are offering 10% off pricing for items on the retired list between Dec. 9-23, 2008. And, if that's not enough ... FREE SHIPPING too! During that same time frame, you can receive free shipping on all orders over $70!

And, while you're on my website checking out the great promotions (don't forget the Sampler promotion--spend $20, get 20% off any set from the Fall-Winter Sampler catalog, and the Country Living Holiday Collection), under Holiday Extravaganza, you can download a great gift giving guide.

It's so easy to order too, you can do it yourself while on my website ... just click the 'shop now' button at the top of the home page (below my personal information).

Of course, I'm still here if you have any questions, or if you'd prefer to go through me. So, don't wait ... the 10% off the retired list and free shipping only last until Dec. 23rd, and the Fall-Winter Sampler promotion is over on Jan. 18th.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Good Evening ... err, morning.

I'm so behind in my postings because I've had some trouble accessing my blog! I thought it was a provider problem, then a McAfee problem, and it turned out to be a router problem. A simple unplugging, then replugging after a minute and wa-laa! I'm back in business! So, now that my vendor fair is over, and I have my life back, I just spent the last 3 hours reading up and watching videos and tutorials on my favorite blogs that I follow, and now, at 12:42am, I'm finally getting to my post.

So, I thought I'd post a photo of the stamp camp that it seems I've been working on forever. I scheduled this class for last month, but I never finished the projects in time, so I never posted the photos in time. I re-scheduled it for Dec. 20th, but because of my computer problems, I'm just posting the photo now, and I missed my own deadline for ordering the supplies, so I guess I'm going to have to cancel again.

Anyone up for this class after Christmas? lol

I can't believe it's already Dec. 8th! The new catalog will be coming out next month, and the retired list will be released in about a week or so. Maybe I should hold a retirement party? I'm definitely going to schedule a new catalog party... I get so excited when the new catty comes out! I always go straight to the accessories! I love to see the new embellishments, ribbons, rub-ons, chipboard, DS papers, oh my goodness, everything back there! Oooops, I think I was just drooling. Only kidding.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Shopping Extravaganza!

This Thursday, Dec. 4th is our Holiday Shopping Extravaganza (vendor fair) to be held at the Westwood High School Cafeteria from 6-9pm. I'm not only chairing this event, but I'll have a table where I'm going to sell some crafts I made with Stampin' Up! It's getting down to the nitty gritty, and I'm starting to get a little nervous! I'm hoping that you'll join us, and help spread the word. So far, I've got about 25 representatives from different companies and local crafters & artisians. We're also going to have free gift wrapping and a concession stand. And, each vendor has generously donated a raffle prize with a minimum $30 value! So, please join me, and tell your friends! Do you feel lucky?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New rubber stamping video

I just love Stampin' Up! They've really been taking good care of us demonstrators! I was checking out my downline's SU website today, and I saw that she had a great video on her site. I checked out my site, and I've got it too! Oh! I'm so excited! I had met a really nice gal this past Saturday while I was working the Scrapbook Discovery Day at Michaels in Paramus. She was telling me that she watches the video techniques on U-Tube all the time, and suggested that I should start posting some because it would really draw some new customers to my website & blog. I've been seriously considering doing this, but I have to still get a few more projects done and out of the way first. Now, I don't have to rush to get the first one done, because SU did one for me! Check it out ... just click on my website link to the right. And, while you're on my SU website, check out my calendar of events. I just updated it, tweaked a few class descriptions, and added a couple of great holiday classes to make inexpensive and easy gift projects. I'll get photos of these class projects on here in my next post.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sorry I've been MIA

These past few weeks have literally been flying by! I feel like I've been so busy, but it also seems like nothing's getting done. In fact, just this morning, I decided to shower and then get out early to run some errands that I've been putting off. Well, I also decided to empty all the garbage cans while I was in all the bedrooms collecting laundry. When I was in the downstairs bathroom, I decided to wash the throw rug, and vacuum the (always seems to be dirty) white tile floor (thanks alot DH). I ended up vacuuming every nook & cranny that I could reach without moving to a new outlet--quite a bit more then I anticipated, and I ended up cleaning the foyer, half the family room, every set of stairs, the kitchen, and half the dining room. I finally got downstairs to put in a load of laundry, and before going back upstairs, I decided to check my emails to see if there was anything that needed my attention right away. I also decided to place a few orders, catch up on my blog reading (I follow several blogs as you can see from my list), and here it is now, 1pm, and I still haven't gotten out!

OK, now to my point ... my last post was over a week ago before going to my workshop at Stampingly Yours where everyone made the adorable little Halloween coaster book. I ended up with a few sets of supplies left over, with complete instructions & color photos, and I've decided to offer them to you for only $20, which includes S&H.
I also wanted to share some great cards that were posted on the Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Website. The top one was made by Kathy Bethune, and the bottom by Lynn Weiss. I wanted to share these with you, since they are both using the House of Haunts stamp set which was my SSTM for September. I love the one with the tree so much, that I'm going to have to make one so I can show everyone at this week's technique class.

I also have a few quick reminders ... October is almost over, and if you still wanted to purchase a birthday set from the Stampin' Up! Birthday Promotion, the Decor Elements Spooky Spider (see the specials to the right), or take advantage of my SSTM (Upsy Daisy at 15% off), you only have until Oct. 31st, which is just 4 days away. Contact me now if any of these promotions interest you so you don't miss out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Workshop tonight at Stampingly Yours in Clifton

There's still a couple of spots open for the workshop tonight at Stampingly Yours in Clifton. Jeanne originally was going to charge $5 a person since most guests are from her Yahoo group, but she decided to waive the fee! Let's all thank her by placing large orders and helping her get lots of free stuff with her hostess benefits!

Usually at a workshop, I demo a couple of cards, and everyone gets a chance to play with my toys by making a card or two, or maybe a scrapbook page of their own. Jeanne wanted a very special project for tonight because she wants me to start teaching classes at her store, so we decided on this adorable little coaster book with a Halloween theme. If this were a class, I'd charge $15 a person, but I'm doing it for free at her workshop so you'll have money to spend while browsing our wonderful Stampin' Up! catalog and getting your own goodies!
Alot of supplies are needed for this project, so obviously, I need to know ASAP if you're interested so I can make sure I have enough supplies ready. I need you to contact me before 4pm tonight, Wednesday, Oct. 15th.
If, by some chance you see this post too late, or you can't make the workshop, I might be able to offer it as a kit if I have supplies left.
Anyway, I hope to see you tonight!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Where did the beginning of October go?

How did it get to be October 10th already? I mean I know time flys by these days, but come on! It was just September yesterday! I wanted to have so much done by now, but this darn Eagle Project of my son's has the whole family out of whack! Brendan turns 18 next Friday, and he's still not done yet! Ouch! The weather just has not be cooperating for us.

Yesterday there was no school, so he & I went up there to get the last bit of stenciling done on the boats, and I'm happy to report that we're done with all the painting! Yaaaaay! Now, he just has to go back up one more day to finish up with the stop blocks on his canoe racks, and to replace some oarlocks on a few rowboats, and he's done! Then, the next hurdle will be to get him to write up his report quickly so I can get it to Council with just days to spare. When, oh when, will these teenagers realize that we know what we're talking about when we say "Get it done now. Don't wait til the last minute because something could go wrong." Like, the weather!

So, needless to say, I'm barely able to keep up with my projects for my classes and my upcoming workshops, that I haven't been able to even think about posting any techniques, or photos of future projects like I planned & promised.

To make up for it, I'm going to offer another blogger special ... place an order now for $50 or more, and I'll let you choose a Classic Stamp Pad of your color choice to arrive with your order. This offer will only be available for one week, so you need to act before 9pm Oct. 16th. And, you must tell me the secret code word: EAGLE.

Hey, I've been so busy, I don't think I mentioned the SSTM here on my blog. I know I said it in my monthly newsletter, but here it is ... Upsy Daisy is the SSTM for October! Order it before Oct. 31st and receive 15% off the price.*

*S&H and tax are still based on the original price.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How would you use the Spooky Spider?

This project was so much fun! I wish I could've gotten a better picture of it, but with the glass, no matter which angle, I always got a glare or a reflection in the glass. Oh well, you'll just have to come to a class to see it. lol

This was my first project using our new Decor Elements, and it was so easy! I feel like I want to put them on everything now! I ordered the Manhattan Flowers to put in my upstairs bathroom, and I have a couple of cool projects to do with them also. Can't wait to get them!

This Spooky Spider Decor Elements is available now and it comes in three sizes. I used the medium black in my shadow box, but it also comes in white too.

Stampin' Up! designers used it on an awesome glass treat jar (see flyer at right). What do you think you could do with it? Tell you what ... create something and post it to my blog, and maybe I'll have a Halloween treat for you!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Christmas is coming ... will you be ready?

I can't believe it's the end of September already! At last night's class, my students were asking me 'what's going on with your holiday card-making sessions'? Thanks for the kick in the pants ladies!

For those of you who don't know, every year I offer Holiday Card-Making Sessions, where we all get together and make our cards. We have lots of fun, get our cards done early, and have the whole month of December to stamp great gifts!

Here's how it works: During the month of October I have several day & evening slots available for you to make an appointment for a private 1-hour session with me. You can view them on my calendar on my website at and they're colored Old Olive in the month of October. You can also email me at to request the file with the card dates and/or class schedule.

When you come over for your appointment, I'll have many samples for you to look through to get ideas & inspiration. You can then either choose to copy one, or I'll help you design your own.
Afterwards, I'll help you place your order and make sure you get everything you need.

During the month of November, and the 1st week of December (for you fellow procrastinators), I'll have several dates scheduled for Holiday Card-Making Sessions (also on my calendar on my website, colored Old Olive in the months of Nov. & Dec.). At each session, we get together and work on our own cards. I'm here to guide you in cutting your paper, mastering any technique you need, or just for the company. I'll have holiday music & light snacks.

The fee for each session is only $5, which reserves your spot, and gets you use of all my non-consummable items, i.e. paper cutters, punches, sissors, etc. I'll have a sign-up sheet for these sessions when you come for your appointment, so don't forget your calendar or datebook!

So, call me today so you can get the slot you need. Remember, Christmas is coming ... will you be ready?

Monday, September 22, 2008


It's finally here! Brendan's Eagle Project has finally begun! And, just in the nick of time too! An Eagle project and all the requirements have to be completed before the scout's 18th birthday ... my son turns 18 on Oct. 17th. After the past 2 years of kicking him in the butt about this, I can't believe it's actually getting done, and just in time for his college application too. (That's him, the blonde on the right with the Vitamin Water, leading everyone in the work ... I'm soooo proud of him!)

His project is being done at one of his favorite camps in NJ, where he spent alot of time. He's cleaning up the boathouse by building storage racks & shelves for 10 canoes (there is very limited space there ... quite the challenge), power washing the 10 canoes & 10 rowboats, re-stenciling the leaf emblem on all the boats, and re-numbering them so they can be identified from land. We had a LOT of help from his Boy Scout troop, and we got a lot done this weekend, but alas, we still have lots more work to do, so one more weekend of work to go.

I helped alot with the work, but I made sure to get lots of pictures both for his report, and for my scrapbooking. At first, I was so focused on the project itself, that I was only taking shots of the actual work. The next morning, while getting ready for another day of work, I realized that I hadn't taken any photos for me! So, first things first, I wanted a shot of us, and a nice lady who was up there with her cub scout troop offered to snap one of all of us (this is the only picture of me ... gotta assign someone else as photographer next weekend! lol)

So, here it is Monday morning, and I'm just getting to posting photos from my last class. I wanted to put up pictures from the watercoloring techniques class, because it went very well, and the projects were very well received.

This first card was based on a beautiful card that was on Stamper's Showcase on the Stampin' Up! Demonstrator website by Emily Bash. As demonstrators, we can submit samples of our work, and if we're lucky, they make it onto the showcase. We're then allowed to CASE these cards (Copy And SE(something something--??) and use them ourselves. This is also my favorite place to go to get inspired because everyone does such great work. Anyway, her original design is a little difficult to see because the colors are so close, but on mine, I did the Fresh Cuts stamp in Elegant Eggplant, and then, using a Stamp-a-ma-jig and a Versamarker, I colored the larger leaves around the 3 edges, stamped again, and embossed with Black EP. I changed her Elegant Eggplant 5-Petal Flower Punch that she used with an Elegant Eggplant dyed small Pretties Flower. I stamped with Black Craft ink and highlighted with a black brad in the center. This card wasn't watercolored at all, but I thought everyone would appreciate learning how to 'dye' a Pretties flower.

This next card I designed myself, and I must say, I really stepped out of my comfort zone as far as colors go ... I rarely use Bold Brights, especially Only Orange, Summer Sun & Glorious Green! It was alot of work, with lots of steps, but I was rather pleased with it.

While preparing supplies for the students to make this card, I realized that I was pretty much out of the Pumpkin Pie DS polka dot prints paper from last year, so we improvised with other designs from the pack. I used a pin stripe paper, and Anabel chose a swirl design that was just perfect! I'm going to finish up my cards with her choice because her card came out stunning. I should've taken a picture so I could post that too.

This last card was another one I designed, and it's my personal favorite of the 3. While making it tho, I realized that I ripped the wrong side of the shell paper, so all my torn edges ended up on the left-hand side, when I meant for them to be on the right. So, picture this card upside down, but the shell is in this position (does that make sense?).

Oh my! My clock is chiming 11am and I still haven't showered yet! After that, I'm going to get to work on the cards for this Wednesday's Stamp-a-Stack. I've got a full house coming, so the projects have to be just perfect!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deadline to register coming soon ...

I've been working diligently on my Linen 6x6 themed album for the class I'll be teaching on Friday, Oct. 3rd. The entire book is made with the 'Winter Retreat' Simply Scrappin' Kit, and I just love making these themed books to showcase a favorite vacation.

For this book, I've been using photos from our last vacation to Cape Cod this past June/July. Kelly was going to another Lead America program in Boston for 10 days (this time she studied Medicine & Healthcare ... I'm always so proud of her!), so we did our regular trip to the Cape. Usually, Kelly spends the whole time in Boston, but this year she was able to spend the weekend on the Cape with us before we took her to her program.

We rented a house in W. Harwich (my favorite town so far!), and we brought Brendan's girlfriend, Jaymiee, with us (she's just adorable!). They were so cute all week, and it was so nice to see my son have such a great time on vacation. They went everywhere with us, and most of the time, I felt like we were on a double date!

Anyway, back to the task at hand, which is to post a few photos of some of the layouts you'll be making. I used 'Winter Retreat', which has Old Olive, Always Artichoke, Bordering Blue, & Mellow Moss textured card stock. I thought these colors went great for summer, beachy pictures.

But, you don't have to go with these colors! You have an option to use the 'Summer Home' kit, which has exactly the same elements and patterns, but in different colors ... Baja Breeze, Chocolate Chip, Kiwi Kiss, and Riding Hood Red. You can choose the color of your 6x6 book as well ... I think the Real Red book would go great with this kit! I used Navy for mine, but I could've used the Mellow Moss book as well.

The cost of this class is only $60 and you'll receive your choice of the two SSKs, either 'Winter Retreat' or 'Summer Home', and your color choice of 6x6 linen album. You'll receive 'recipes' with color photos for each layout in the book, and the book will go together very quickly. I supply any ribbon, embellishments, stamps, inks, punches, etc. used in the book. All you'll need to do is add your photos!

You'll need to bring your paper cutter, adhesive & refill, and a pair of sissors to class with you. Also, you only have until Saturday, Sept. 20th to register for this class (yikes! that's this Saturday!) because I'll have to order your kit & album for you.

I only have a few spots open for this class, so you don't want to miss your spot. To register, just shoot me an email at with credit card info, or you can send me a check. Don't forget to include your kit choice & album color! Hope to see you there for a fun night!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Scrapbook Fun

I wanted to post photos of my last scrapbooking class for a couple of reasons: 1) I used the House of Haunts stamp set, which is my SSTM for the month of September (Purchase it this month, and I'll give you 15% off the price of the set!); 2) I came up with a new technique (more on that later); and 3) my student, Jen, did a completely different look (I love when my students do that ... you don't always have to copy teacher!), and I think her pages came out awesome!

OK, so the technique ... I wanted a tone on tone, which is difficult to do with black cardstock, so I made up a title mask using scrap paper and my Cricut machine. I laid a sheet of scrap paper across my page using temporary adhesive to give me a straight line. Then, I attached my letter masks with temporary adhesive.

I sponged around the letters using Black Craft ink, and embossed with Black Embossing Powder. I thought it came out great! Black on black, and real Halloweeney!

I showed my daughter, Kelly, and she thought it looked cool, but she thought the title was hard to see. My husband, Rick, came in, and he agreed with her. Kelly suggested I do the title using the green or orange embossing to match the striped paper I was going to use. I told her I didn't have those colors, so she suggested white. I thought, "Yuk! Not only will it defeat my Halloweeney look, but the white will clash with the colors in my striped paper."

When my student, Jen, arrived, I showed her the pages, and she loved them. I then told her what Rick & Kelly said, and she thought about it. She decided to do hers with white embossing powder instead of the black.

Neither of us was really impressed until I suggested she use one of the other papers instead of the stripes. She chose the black & white skull paper, and since her daughter's costume will be pink, she opted for Pink Passion layers for her embellishments & photos ...

We both thought her pages turned out great! She promises that after Halloween, she'll finish the pages and send me photos so we can all see the finished project.

I wanted to show you these, because you can do something like this with everything! You can spot a card or scrapbook page in a magazine, website, our Idea Book & Catalog, project from my class, anything. Then, change the colors, stamps, or even the layout, and make it all your own!

I saw a photo of a card on the Demonstrator section of the Stampin' Up! website. For some reason, Old Olive calls out to me for this card. I'm going to make one and change the color. I'll post it when I'm done so you could see how I do.

Why don't you challenge yourself, and pick a card out of our catalog? Change something, and then show me. I'd love to see what you come up with.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Repeat class

At last week's technique class, 3 of the 4 ladies there were shown the cards we made during the embossing technique class, and they loved them! So much so, that I'm going to repeat the class for them this Friday, Sept. 12th at 7:30pm if anyone else would like to join us. The cards are the Haunted House with chalks (see below), the More Mustard Gratitude card (one of the projects I posted on my Stampin' Up! website), and this card. This 3rd card is completely embossed over with Irredescent Ice EP, and it's soooo sparkly that I new my good friend, Denise, would love it, and she didn't dissapoint. Anyway, just give a shout if you want to join us ... we love to have you.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

LOVE the online order ordering projects!

Well, I just went onto my website to see if the online ordering was enabled yet. I clicked on SHOP NOW in the top right corner. I went to the catalog, and it's fabulous! Bright, clear photos of every product. Then, I noticed in the left column at the bottom of products, is Projects. I clicked on that, and I was amazed at all the beautiful projects they've got there! Enough to fill a book! You can click on cards, scrapbook pages, or projects. You've got to check it out!

Online Ordering additonal information

I forgot to mention below, that any special offer I make (15% of the SSTM, and this week's special for blog readers only) can only be received when ordering through me, as these are my specials, and not SUs. If you order those items online, you'll still be charged the original price, and I won't be able to accommodate you.

24/7 Online Ordering Now Available!

Great news! Online Ordering will be up & running and officially offered at 1pm MT (I believe that's 3pm ET), and you'll be able to place an order yourself directly to SU from my website at day or nite, 24/7. In doing this, you'll be afforded the exact same benefits that you've been receiving when ordering through me: price, shipping fees, and hostess benefits (for orders of $150 or more, which will be called "Stampin' Rewards for online ordering), but you'll be able to do it anytime day or nite. After you place your order, I'll receive an email notification, and I'll still be able to thank you & follow-up for you.
Eventually, two more options will be available, but I need to explain them to you so you understand the benefits for you to order only through my website:
Option 1 will be to order from the SU website, where you'll be asked for my name, and I'll still receive my same commission, and you'll still receive the same prices & shipping fees, but you WON'T be able to receive any hostess benefits (Stampin' Rewards) if your order is $150 or more.
Option 2 will be to order from the SU website, but you opt NOT to choose a demonstrator. You'll then be charged higher prices & premium shipping fees, and the commission will be split between SU and a pool of demonstrators who have websites. The reason they're doing this is because they truly believe that their demonstrators are one of their best assets, and they want to deter customers from not using us. They're only offering this option to reach out to those new customers who've not ordered from them for fear of getting a demonstrator who might 'bother' them. Hopefully, though, once those people try our fabulous, high quality products, they'll realize the other benefits of having a demonstrator who is a liason between them & the company, and also a new friend who shares information about products & techniques.
So, for now, the only way to use this is through my website, but I want to remind you that even when the other options are available, this will still be the best option for you. Your order will be received by SU as soon as you place it (not when you contact me, and I place it), and they'll be less chance for errors (not that I ever make any errors! lol). So, try it out sometime, and call me (but not 24/7, please! lol) or email me if you have any questions. I'm still, always here to help.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blog Reader Special Offer

I want to do something special for my blog readers, so to coincide with my SSTM, I'm going to give you the matching jumbo wheel for FREE when you order the House of Haunts set in a $50 merchandise order. You're already saving $3.44 on the SSTM, and the free wheel is worth $8.50*! To receive this special offer, the code is "Trick or Treat" when placing your order. This is a very limited time offer--it ends 9/13/08, so order yours this week!
*You will need to pay tax and S&H on the free item.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

September Stamp of the Month

Gotta love a good Halloween set, and this one's it ... Halloween Haunts. It's my stamp set of the month (or SSTM), and if you order it during the month of September, I'll give you 15% off the price of the set!
We made this card in last night's embossing class. It's a real 'wow' card that the photo just doesn't do it justice. The main technique of the class was heat embossing (all 3 of the cards we made were embossed), but for this card, we also did masking & chalking.
Start with a Basic Black card base. Stamp the Sanded image with Elegant Eggplant onto Elegant Eggplant cardstock, wrap with black hemp, and attach to card base with dimensionals. The house image is embossed on Very Vanilla cardstock with black embossing powder. Tear around all the edges and then chalk the windows with Barely Banana and the tombstones with black. Punch a 1-3/8" circle to mask the moon perfectly (all of our punches work so well with alot of our images). Then, to chalk the background, use a side to side swiping motion, starting with a little Green Galore in a few places. Then, add a little Pink Passion, Elegant Eggplant & Brilliant Blue. When you have all 4 colors on, go back and deepen each color, and blend in. When finished, spray with a sealer and attach to the card.
I'm going to have alot more samples using House of Haunts this month so you'll have plenty of ideas for using your new set that you saved 15% on!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Life Happens & Organizing

I've been trying to get back on here and post some photos and details from convention, but of course, life happens, and I've just been very busy. I received 4 boxes from the Stampin' Up! new catalog on Friday, 3 of which were just for me! (tee hee) I've been like a kid in a candy shop! I got my new Sizzix Big Shot and dies, about 12 new stamp sets, 5 new punches, several Simply Scrappin' kits and about 4 pkgs. of Designer Series paper. Oooh! What do I play with first? Ahh, but with all fun comes a little work ... I've been a busy little worker organizing my new stamps and updating my files with current stamp sets, and today, I'm going to update my stamp log book.

For those of you who are fairly new, what I do is Xerox the sticker sheet of images that comes with each new stamp set BEFORE I mount them on the stamps. Then, I currently have a drawer system for storing my stamps, and each draw is labeled with a letter & number. I have a coordinating notebook, where I have page tabs for each drawer, and then I have the Xerox copies of each stamp set in that drawer.

Although I don't like the drawers (still waiting for my new stamp room, ugh!), I like this log book because it allows me to just flip through the book if I'm looking for a certain saying or small image and I can't think of which set it comes from.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm on Baby!

Yayyyyy! I have a blog! I'm sitting here with my Stampin' Up! sisters, and we're all creating blogs together. OK, so, I live in Washington Township, NJ in Bergen County, and I teach rubber stamping and scrapbooking here in my home. I'm married to a wonderful, generous guy named Rick, and we have two great kids, Brendan, 17, and Kelly, 16. I also work at Michaels Arts & Crafts in Paramus, so I'm right on top of all the latest trends!

So, let me tell you about our Stampin' Up! convention! It was the 20th anniversary, and I went with my SU sisters (Patti, Traci & Kelly), and 3 of us were celebrating our 5th anniversaries and we got to walk across the stage! I've been waiting to do that since my first convention in Las Vegas back in 2003! I could go on here all night, but I'm gonna stop here and continue this in the morning when I can include photos. Til then!