Friday, September 18, 2009

My First Digital Cards!

Last night I watched my 2nd webinar from Stampin' Up! where we were shown how to make greeting cards using My Digital Software. To reinforce what I watched, I recreated the card that Mark Jessen made following all the shortcuts he showed us. The card is actually 7x5, not square, but the photo is below. And, this blog photo really doesn't do it justice, so I ordered it from the print service so I can show you in person. When it arrives, I'll take a photo and repost it here.

After I created Mark's card, I decided to challenge myself and try creating my own from scratch. Here's what I came up with ... remember, the quality of this blog photo is very bad. This card is a 5x5 tho, so it's pretty much how it's going to look. I'll repost a photo of the original when I receive it.

I thought it was going to take me hours to figure it all out, but I actually whipped this card up in about 20 minutes!

I had originally intended to create a 5x5 scrapbook, have it printed by SU, and then I'd have a sample to show everyone. As it turns out, we currently only offer printing of full books, so until I get around to finishing a complete book, creating & printing greeting cards is the way to go.

Next up ... a calendar!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Digital Studio Comes Today!

For the first time ever, I'm glad I have no sign-ups for my scrapbooking class tonight. Why? This afternoon, I'm expecting a very special package. I'm getting My Digital Scrapbooking software! Since I have no class tonight, I can play all night! Ya know what the best part is? I'm getting it free, and a new stamp set too! Woo Hoo! Last month two of my favorite students became two of my newest recruits, and with that came a promotion for me, and a $100 bonus! Couldn't have come at a better time, cause I really wanted to play with this software, but I just couldn't justify the added expense right now. Been spending waaaay too much lately, and I have to reign myself in. Turned out it wasn't in check form, but in SU credit, so I had to spend the money on somethin', right?!

Stampin' Up! is also offering lots of webinars so we can learn all about the software. I already took the first one last week, and since then I've been just itchin' to get my hands on it. They're also offering a certification program, and I just signed up.

I think tonight I'll work on a 6x6 book and have it printed so I have a sample to show all of you. I'm also thinking of adding a special My Digital Scrapbooking class to my schedule as well. Maybe even a My Digital Scrapbooking crop night? Oooh, my mind's a buzzin'!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting ready for Fall Fest

What is Fall Fest? My wonderful upline, Tina, who is actually 3 levels above me, holds two big day-long events a year: Spring Fling & Fall Fest. At these events, every demonstrator in her downline is welcome to come, and we learn new techniques, business tips & advice, swap samples with each other, win great prizes, and best of all, make fabulous projects! Usually I volunteer to work the registration table, cause I love to match up the names with the faces. But this time, I was honored when Tina asked me to be one of the demonstrators for the group! I'll be demoing the Big Shot, and my mind's just buzzin' with great ideas! I'm going to start working on my projects today, starting with a 12x12 scrapbook layout of my son teaching his girlfriend to snowboard. I'll be offering this spread in my next scrapbooking class, which happens to be this Wednesday, September 16th. I'll be using the Big Shot to create the title which I'll be making using our Window Sheets.