Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Digital Studio Comes Today!

For the first time ever, I'm glad I have no sign-ups for my scrapbooking class tonight. Why? This afternoon, I'm expecting a very special package. I'm getting My Digital Scrapbooking software! Since I have no class tonight, I can play all night! Ya know what the best part is? I'm getting it free, and a new stamp set too! Woo Hoo! Last month two of my favorite students became two of my newest recruits, and with that came a promotion for me, and a $100 bonus! Couldn't have come at a better time, cause I really wanted to play with this software, but I just couldn't justify the added expense right now. Been spending waaaay too much lately, and I have to reign myself in. Turned out it wasn't in check form, but in SU credit, so I had to spend the money on somethin', right?!

Stampin' Up! is also offering lots of webinars so we can learn all about the software. I already took the first one last week, and since then I've been just itchin' to get my hands on it. They're also offering a certification program, and I just signed up.

I think tonight I'll work on a 6x6 book and have it printed so I have a sample to show all of you. I'm also thinking of adding a special My Digital Scrapbooking class to my schedule as well. Maybe even a My Digital Scrapbooking crop night? Oooh, my mind's a buzzin'!

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