Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where in the World is MY Vagabond?

That's what I'd like to know!  lol  On Tim Holtz's blog today, he gave a link to the Sizzix website where they're having a contest called "Where in the World is Your Tim Holtz Vagabond?"  What you need to do to enter is post a picture of your Vagabond.  Simple.  They're going to award prizes for our creativity, and until supplies last, each participant will receive a sheet of limited edition stickers for the Vagabond, plus a set of their new guage keys.  Tim has a video on their website here that shows you how to use the guage keys.  I probably could've used these a couple of weeks ago when my Vagabond broke!  Yup ... you heard me ... broke.  I almost passed out!  Seriously.  My little electric friend just spit everything back out where I was shoving it in and made a bang.  After that, when I hit the button, the bottom roller wouldn't roll, and something was clanking around inside.

I emailed Sizzix, and much to my surprise, I was told that not only would they send me a new one, but they'd ship it right away!  What?!  I just needed to send them the broken machine for their quality control department to look at, and a copy of the receipt for proof of ownership.  Since we couldn't locate my receipt, they sent me a FedEx label to ship it (their cost), and said they'd send me a new one when they receive it.  Whoopeeee!

I received the label and shipped it March 2nd.  I emailed them a couple of days ago to see if they received it, and I received this response yesterday:

It says they received my Vagabond, but not the paperwork yet.  She's going to send a new one out right away and get a tracking number to me.

But, what about the contest?  Never fear ... just in case I don't get my new little baby before the contest ends, I'm just gonna post the pic of the email in the meantime!  ha  Is that creative enough for ya?

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