Sunday, July 1, 2012

Art Abandonment

I joined this new group on Facebook called Art Abandonment.  The concept is to create a piece of art and leave it somewhere as a gift for an unsuspecting person to find and appreciate.  There are no requirements to leave your name or any personal information, either from the artist or the recipient.  It's just a simple sharing of art.  Some artists like to sign their name, maybe include their blog address, and/or even leave information about the group.  There's even an email address you can include with your art so the recipient can send an email about their finding.  It just seems like something fun.

I made a tag last week with the intention of leaving in the cafe at my local Barnes & Noble, but since I was getting ready for my big scrapbooking Expo, I never got a chance to bring it there.  Then, it hit me!  Leave it at the Expo!  With all the vendors, scrapbookers, rubber stampers, designers, etc., someone would surely appreciate my work.  I didn't want to leave it in the actual Expo because people would just assum it was a sample from one of the vendors.  I had intended to leave it in the lobby of my hotel, but we were just so busy, I kept forgetting.  I finally decided to leave it by the computers at the Expo where you sign in for your door prize entry.

I can't really give any details on this, or even a better picture, cause I'm on my laptop at my sister's house.  Since I was already at the Expo in Somerset, I decided to stay with my sister, Alecia, for a few days, because another sister, Marisa, has a booth at the Wine Festival at Monmouth Park Raceway this weekend.  She sells these really cool wine bottles that she puts lights inside and decorates.  We're going to help her out and keep her company for a while.  I'll be heading home tomorrow, but I'm coming back down here Tuesday-Thursday for a couple evenings of fireworks at the Jersey Shore!  Woo Hoo!

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