Tuesday, September 9, 2008

24/7 Online Ordering Now Available!

Great news! Online Ordering will be up & running and officially offered at 1pm MT (I believe that's 3pm ET), and you'll be able to place an order yourself directly to SU from my website at http://www.stephaniestampsalot.stampinup.net day or nite, 24/7. In doing this, you'll be afforded the exact same benefits that you've been receiving when ordering through me: price, shipping fees, and hostess benefits (for orders of $150 or more, which will be called "Stampin' Rewards for online ordering), but you'll be able to do it anytime day or nite. After you place your order, I'll receive an email notification, and I'll still be able to thank you & follow-up for you.
Eventually, two more options will be available, but I need to explain them to you so you understand the benefits for you to order only through my website:
Option 1 will be to order from the SU website, where you'll be asked for my name, and I'll still receive my same commission, and you'll still receive the same prices & shipping fees, but you WON'T be able to receive any hostess benefits (Stampin' Rewards) if your order is $150 or more.
Option 2 will be to order from the SU website, but you opt NOT to choose a demonstrator. You'll then be charged higher prices & premium shipping fees, and the commission will be split between SU and a pool of demonstrators who have websites. The reason they're doing this is because they truly believe that their demonstrators are one of their best assets, and they want to deter customers from not using us. They're only offering this option to reach out to those new customers who've not ordered from them for fear of getting a demonstrator who might 'bother' them. Hopefully, though, once those people try our fabulous, high quality products, they'll realize the other benefits of having a demonstrator who is a liason between them & the company, and also a new friend who shares information about products & techniques.
So, for now, the only way to use this is through my website, but I want to remind you that even when the other options are available, this will still be the best option for you. Your order will be received by SU as soon as you place it (not when you contact me, and I place it), and they'll be less chance for errors (not that I ever make any errors! lol). So, try it out sometime, and call me (but not 24/7, please! lol) or email me if you have any questions. I'm still, always here to help.

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