Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How would you use the Spooky Spider?

This project was so much fun! I wish I could've gotten a better picture of it, but with the glass, no matter which angle, I always got a glare or a reflection in the glass. Oh well, you'll just have to come to a class to see it. lol

This was my first project using our new Decor Elements, and it was so easy! I feel like I want to put them on everything now! I ordered the Manhattan Flowers to put in my upstairs bathroom, and I have a couple of cool projects to do with them also. Can't wait to get them!

This Spooky Spider Decor Elements is available now and it comes in three sizes. I used the medium black in my shadow box, but it also comes in white too.

Stampin' Up! designers used it on an awesome glass treat jar (see flyer at right). What do you think you could do with it? Tell you what ... create something and post it to my blog, and maybe I'll have a Halloween treat for you!

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