Thursday, February 19, 2009

Decor Elements Catalog Correction

I was just notified by a customer that the numbers for Flitting By I and Flitting By II (pg.12) are the same numbers as Spot On I and Spot On II (pg.13). If you try ordering either of the Flitting By Decor Elements, you'll get Spot On. I called SU, and the correct number for Flitting By I should be 114840, and Flitting By II should be 114841. If you have a copy of the Decor Elements catalog, please make a note of this correction.

Speaking of Decor Elements, I'm finally going to put up the Manhattan Flowers in my newly renovated bathroom tomorrow (a little busy today). I'm going to take photos of the steps and post them here, so check by over the weekend to see how it looks.

And you know what else? In case you didn't realize, you can get Decor Elements as hostess benefits! There's a Level 1 and a Level 2 offering on page 3 of the Decor Elements catalog. I just love the set of books with the Flower Finesse, but I wanted to get something I could put up right away for my customers and students to see, so I ordered the Home Is Love which I'm going to put up in my living room. I have just the spot for it ... I've been wanting to get something for this one particular wall for a long time now, and this will be just perfect! I'll have to post a photo of that too when I get it.

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