Sunday, February 22, 2009

My newly decorated bathroom!

I've had these Decor Elements flowers since early last Fall, and I finally made some time to put them up. Rick, my husband, helped and we made quite the team. I'm going to take you step by step with some photos so you can see how we did it.

First, I took the four packages of flowers. Each package has 3 flowers (1 of each design). I purchased 2 packages of Chocolate Chip, and 2 packages of Kraft for a total of 12 flowers. I carefully cut them apart, laid each on the table (grid side up) and scraped over the image to make the vinyl stick to the transfer paper.

I took a few 'before' photos and then I got to work.

I started taping the flowers to the walls so I knew approximately where I wanted them.

I began with one of the medium-sized flowers and carefully started peeling back the transfer paper. This was a little tricky, and I was slightly nervous about doing the larger flower. I got it up on the wall and felt quite proud of myself. Just then, my husband came up and asked if I needed any help (thank you, thank you). I was so glad to have the extra set of hands for those bigger flowers! We went one by one around the room ... I held the transfer paper, and he peeled back the grid paper, then I climbed up the step stool and placed each one on, careful not to touch the vinyl. I'd place them so the center would touch the wall, and I'd leave the sides kind of hanging. I then drew an invisible line down the center with the scraper tool and began scraping from that center line out to the edges to squeeze out any air bubbles.

At one point, Rick decided he wasn't quite happy with the look of the Kraft flowers overlapping the Chocolate flowers, so he suggested I carefully cut along the edge of the Chocolate flower, and peel off the overlapping Kraft part & discard.

We were both pleased with this look, so at another point, I 'cut away' the Kraft flower on the left side, and left the Chocolate to overlap on the right side.

Then came the inside corner. I wanted a flower to 'wrap' from one wall to the next, so I carefully held the flower where I wanted it and laid it as close to the corner as possible. I scraped down the inside corner and then scraped my way out to the sides on each wall. I think it came out very well.

Then, I had an outside corner ... much easier. I just laid most of the flower on one wall up to the edge, rubbed the corner with my fingers, and then finished scraping onto the other wall.

I ended up placing the flowers tighter together than I had planned, so we ran out. I ordered 3 more packages so we could finish the last two walls. We love how it came out and had alot of fun doing it too. It's so nice when Rick gets creative with me ... it doesn't happen often, but it's great when it does.

I hope you like the way it looks and get inspired to create some art on your walls too. Now, if I could just get him to finish putting up my woodwork.

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