Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My First Crop Nite!

My first crop nite here was a great success! I had 3 customers come, and we all had so much fun! Frances was working on her scrapbooking, Jen was working on some thank you cards, and Mary was making assorted cards. I managed to finish this page of my great-nephew, Rian. I had started on this at last month's Michaels crop, but there were two customers there who were very new to scrapbooking, so I couldn't get much done because I was helping them so much.

Jen had shopped at A.C.Moore before coming, and the paper she purchased went perfectly with the new stamp set she received when she got here (from Frances' workshop). She made the most adorable little thank you cards with little birdies.

And Frances was putting together the kit she had purchased from Scrap-a-doodle-doo. She said it was the February kit, and it was really cute. I'll have to run up there to see how the March kit looks! I liked the kit because if was one of those 'brainless' kits that comes with photos of the finished layout with instructions, as opposed to the kits that just come with matching supplies and you get creative. I like the brainless kits when I go to crops for a couple of reasons ... 1) I don't have to lug lots of paper, stamp sets, inks, embellishments, etc. It's all in one kit, and I just need my basic SB supplies and pics; and 2) when I'm at a crop, I love socializing, shopping, etc. and I don't focus as well as when I'm working on my own. If I don't just copy something, then I don't get much done. As you can see from the above layout, it took me two small crops to get just one simple page done!

Mary came with all her Stampin' Up! paper she purchased from me and some inks (she didn't realize that she could borrow my inks when here for a crop). She asked me if she could see some card samples so she could use them as ideas to make her cards. I had no problem handing her the boxes of cards from the last 2 years of classes, but I don't think I'll ever do that again. It turned into more of a private class for her than a crop. There were several cards she loved and she wanted to recreate, but she had to keep asking me how to do the techniques. Not only did I not get much done, but not for nothing, that's what my technique classes are for. We also had a small mishap when a drink was spilled, right where she had a pile of my cards!

So, live & learn. Technique classes are for learning the techniques and making the cards, and crops are for working on your own, creating your own stuff, be it scrapbooking, cards, any type of project.

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