Monday, December 5, 2011

Back to Tim's Tags: Day 4

This tag was a lot of fun to make cause I was really in a zone.  I had a few problems, but I really like how the tag turned out.  Once again, I didn't have the die Tim was using (snowman die & the "25" movers & shapers die), so I decided to go with the umbrella man die and cut off his umbrella.  Then, I used the pine tree die and put that over his shoulder.  Since I couldn't cut out the 25, I used what I had that would fit, and it was a keyhole.  I know, it makes no sense, but I wanted to do all the techniques, and I had fun, so that's what counts.  I think the most fun I have in making these tags is trying to find something in my stash to substitute what I don't have.

I also didn't have his snowflake die, so I used a smaller snowflake die and just made 3 instead of one.  I also didn't have his snowflake On the Edge die, and here is where I had the most trouble.  On his tag, he used the Edge die to cut out the snowflakes from packaging plastic.  I've been saving tons of this stuff, so I was determined to use some.  I tried using several Sizzlit snowflakes I have, but none of them would cut entirely through the plastic, and they were too detailed to cut by hand.  I tried using my old Stampin' Up! snowflake punch, and got one cut, but then the plastic got caught up in the punch.  After fighting with it to get it all out, I stupidly tried to cut a 2nd one ... bad move.  Not only did it not punch all the way through, I almost broke my punch trying to get it back out!  When I finally got it all out, I decided to try sharpening the punch with some aluminum.  I tried a third time, with the same results.  After wasting over an hour playing with this, I decided to just use the one snowflake.

Since I couldn't put the snowflakes down the edge, I decided to just layer it on top of one of my 3 grungepaper snowflakes.  I also decided to add some of Stampin' Up!s mica flakes from the current Holiday Mini Catalog.  You can kind of make out the larger clear snowflake layered on top of the bluish one.

Here's a picture of his tummy with the keyhole and some sheet music (from SU's First Edition DSP).

 Finally, I used a couple of SU's buttons with the tulle tied through them.  I love this look!  Tim had a great tip on how to get the tulle through those tiny holes, and it worked like a charm!  I swear, that man's a genius!

Here's what Tim's tag looked like:

Oh!  I just noticed that he added a charm to his ribbon.  Oops!  Oh well, I think my tag has enough bling on it.

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Nancy Lynn said...

Very nice tag. You have improvised so well on all the tags you have posted. Good job Stephanie. I hope your holidays gatherings are fun.