Saturday, December 31, 2011

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I can't believe it's the end of December already!  After getting all my Christmas cards done about a week before Christmas, I took a nice break only to realize that I still had 8 tags to make before the end of the month!  Why before the end of the month you ask?  Well, Tim gives away prizes if you get all 12 done!  I made a goal to get them all done this year, and well, it's not gonna happen.  lol

I did get my daughter, Kelly, to make the tag from Day 5 with me.  It was a tough technique for her (as a beginner), and she got a little frustrated.  She was happy with her final result, but it was after hours of work.

I do like the way my Day 5 tag came out--I think it's my favorite this year:

I usually don't like this particular technique because I haven't had much luck with it in the past, but I like the way this tag turned out.  Here's a look at Tim's tag:

 Since Kelly was working so long on her tag, I started working on the tag from Day 6.  I was really anxious to try this one cause I've been wanting to work with some metal.  I thought I'd paint in all the background colors, and be slick and just brayer black over the top to hit all the raised images.  Unfortunately, that didn't work so well.  Yeah, I covered all the high points, but I also got a LOT of the low points too, and I had to repaint some areas.  Needless to say, I'm not too crazy about this one, but it took me so long to paint it, I wasn't about to start from scratch again.  Here it is in all it's glory:

And, here's Tim's tag from Day 6:

As you can see, mine doesn't look anything like Tim's.  lol

And, finally, I finished Day 7's tag yesterday.  This one came out pretty good too:

And, here's a look at Tim's:

It's after midnight, so it's officially December 31st.  I'm going to post these to Tim's blog, and then get to bed.  We're having our family Christmas at my sister's tomorrow, and we have to leave around 11am since she lives in South Jersey.  I guess that means I'm not going to get all the tags done this year, but I did get farther this year than I did last year.

OK, so here's my vow for next year ... I'm going to have all my Christmas cards done before December 1st so when Tim starts his tags, I have nothing else hanging over my head, and I can keep up with him.  :)

Happy New Year!!!

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Joy said...

Very cool tags Stephanie! :) Happy New Year!