Monday, November 10, 2014

2014 Christmas Card Class

I'm not doing my Christmas card sessions anymore, and it's been over a year since I've taught a class here.  This is my 2nd year working as a Crossing Guard, and I just needed some time off.  I've been taking a lot of online classes for myself (Tim Holtz's Creative Chemistry 101 & 102, Online Card Classes Watercolor for Cardmakers, Britta Swiderski's Design Principles, and many more!), and taking a lot of classes with some favorite instructors (Wendy Vecchi, Marjie Kemper, Jessica Sporn, Jean Van Brederode, Erin Keck to name a few).
Even when you're very comfortable with all your knowledge, creativity, and skill level, there's always so much more to learn!  Plus, it was nice just being a student and letting my creative juices flow!
Anyway, I've been dying to start teaching my classes again, and these Christmas Card Kits from Stampin' Up! were just perfect to get my feet wet again!
Since these were kits, I set a deadline of Oct. 30th to register because I had to order them.  I got the shipping confirmation last Wednesday, and got a good scare since the packages don't arrive until about 5 business days after shipment date.  Luckily, they arrived late Friday afternoon, and I was able to prepare one of each as samples for our class tonight.  I think they came out awesome!  Enjoy!

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