Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 February Tim Tag Tutorial

It's the beginning of the month, and you know what that means!  New Tim Tag!  You can view Tim's original tag and his tutorial here.  I gotta admit tho, I wasn't that crazy about it.  I'm not into holiday themes, which usually isn't a problem, cause then I get to really get creative and put my spin on it.  But this month's tag is a collage, and I'm not crazy about those either!  Well, using his highlighting techniques, I went for it, and I really like it ... plus I had fun, and that's the whole point of making these tags ... to learn new techniques, and to have fun!

I actually remembered to take pictures as I was making it, so here we go ...

I laid out my papers on the tag how I wanted them.  I chose to do a floral theme, and this black text paper had some beautiful. embossed flowers on it, so I decided to cut around the 3 leaves on the left so I could tuck the other papers under them.

I glued the papers down with Glue n' Seal, being careful not to get any under the leaves I cut around.  The papers seem to adhere better if you add adhesive to both the tag, and the papers you're gluing down.  When finished, I used the brayer to roll out air bubbles and get good adhesion.  Now to let it dry a little.

Once dry, I was able to trim around the tag's edge.

I sanded the edges of the tag, and the edges of each paper.

Coated with a thin layer of glue n' Seal, and let dry again.

After impatiently waiting for it to try, I put some Picket Fence Distress Paint on my craft sheet, and applied lightly to tag with my finger.

Skipped a pic here, cause it would've practically been the same as before.  lol
I added another thin layer of Glue n' Seal, and let dry (so much drying time in this tag!  Ugh!).
Using a Black Soot Distress Marker, and working one small section at a time, I drew between the papers and immediately smudged with my finger.  (At the end, I also did this step around the edges of the tag.)

I added a small Industrious Sticker frame, and repeated the process with the Distress Marker.  I also added some to the top of the sticker to get some black in the details.

I found some wool felt, and some weaved fibers and cut three layers from the Tattered Florals die.  I used my new Brother sewing machine (Christmas present!), and stitched the layers together.

I poked (gouged, really) a hole in the center to add the flower with a brad. 

*inky, messy backside of tag

The good part about hoarding is that you can find some really cool stuff!  I found the decorative button brad and this Stampin' Up! lace ribbon.  I stitched a scrap of the lace ribbon to the tag.

Can't remember what these thingys are called, but they're from Tim's Idea-ology line.  I didn't want white, so I used 3 drops of Mushroom Alcohol Ink to tone it down and age it a little.


I added it on the lace ribbon with 2 pewter brads, and then smashed them with my hammer!

I wanted to repeat this embellishment like Tim did, so I used one of his Typecharms, with an 'F' for flowers.

I added some Picket Fence Distress Paint to the arrow ...

and, while it was out, on a Wordband too.

After letting it sit for a few seconds, I gently wiped the excess paint off the surface, and the paint remains in the recessed areas.

Adhered the Wordband to the tag with 2 more brads, and smashed them too!  I also did the Black Soot Distress Marker around the edges of this as well.

I wanted to bring in the lace ribbon again for the top, but I didn't want it to be so matchy-matchy.  I found this leaf ribbon and decided it was meant to be.

Here's a look at the final tag again.  I made this over a 2-day period because of all the drying time.  I was playing computer games in between, and at one point, I had to go to bed!

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Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Wow, I liked your version of Tim's tag. Great layering and fabulous tutorial, thanks for sharing.