Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We woke up very early cause our first excursion started at 8:30am, and we wanted time to enjoy breakfast. We were up before the sun!

Of course, when the sun did come up, we were ready with our cameras.

I was playing with my camera settings, and I got a couple of interesting shots.

I don't know where this ship came from, but I just love this shot!

We continued taking photos as we reached land, and this next view just screamed "Welcome to Mexico!"

I love the beautiful colors of all the little houses, and the bustling of the boats in the water.

We enjoyed room service (pretend I inserted one of Andrea's photos here ... she took pictures of ALL the food we were served!). After breakfast, we headed off ship for our first excursion ... ATV Adventure. My family often vacations in the islands, and my husband & kids usually do the ATVs. A lot of times these small places don't have more than 3, so I always opt for some time alone.

We were taken by boat to Rock (maybe Stone, dunno, can't remember LOL) Island. Andrea was so ready for our adventure! She'd never been on an ATV before either!

Andrea was behind me in line, so whenever I got a good lead on her, I'd slow down and try to catch an action shot of her.

Here we go! We rode those babies all over the beach, through bushes, open fields, we were all over that island. One guy had a speedometer on his ATV, and he said he clocked us going 85 mph! Woo Hoo!

We stopped here for a photo op because our guide told us that this is the only rock on the island, hence the name. I don't know what he was talking about, cause I seen lots of rocks! LOL

I had to do the 'ole 'self portrait' shot, cause all the pictures of me are in Andrea's camera!

After our ride, we got to relax at an outdoor cantina to enjoy a cerveza. A lady came up to us with jewelry for sale, and she lucked out with a couple of live ones. I bought 2 bracelets and a necklace, and I thought I spent a lot! Andrea bought jewelry for almost every female she knew! And, we weren't done yet ... we followed her to her table to see what else she had! LOL She loved us!

We returned to the ship, showered and prepared for dinner and Tim's next class. This was a little class with a big bang. I've gotten so many compliments on these pieces since I've been home. I'm going to re-create the necklace class with my students.

Tim called this the 'Creepy Kids Necklace' because you can see a picture of a creepy kid through the keyhole. He'd found an old photo of about 10 kids when he was in Paris(?), and he made a copy for each of us. We covered the photo with a piece of mica to re-create old glass. Very cool.

Our 2nd project was a pin. We used sticky tape to hold the wings on, but when I returned home, I used my ever faithful E-6000 glue to make sure they stay put! I'm not one for pins (I usually forget to remove them & they get ruined in the wash!), so I think I'm going to follow someone else's lead (Lori, maybe?), and pin it to the board we made in Wendy's class.

After class we'd heard that there was a party with a buffet by the pool starting at 11pm. Just enough time to run to the cabin and drop off our stuff. As we opened the door, look who we found ...

Isn't he the coolest little puppy you ever saw? But, I did have to show him just who that remote belonged to!

We went out to the party at the pool and the buffet was awesome (again, imagine some of Andrea's photos here). Near the bar, I ran into a few friends ...

I found Heather ...

And Mario too! We took turns taking photos of each other. And, look who else was at the bar ...

Not one, but 3 of England's wildest! Everyone should enjoy their golden years as much as these ladies.

We didn't stay at the party for long cause we had another early morning ahead of us.


Anonymous said...

Next cruise you have to call my cabin before you head out the door. I totally missed that party by the pool.
Keep it up, gf, I'm totally enjoying your re-telling of our wonderful adventure.

Lori said...

Woohoo! Another biker babe! Love those pics, keep it coming!

Nancy said...

Good morning, Stephanie! I've just given your blog an award, on my blog. Please come "pick it up"!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Great photos Stephanie! And like Eileen, I missed the pool party as well! You can call ME next time too *smiles*

I went to the RSC today in Carson. Stop by when you get a chance to see some Tim Photos :)