Monday, November 9, 2009

The Journey Continues ...

The captain informed us on Monday that Tropical Storm Patricia was going to be in Cabo San Lucas on Tuesday. He'd made the decision to bypass Cabo and have Tuesday as our 'day at sea', and resume with our scheduled stops in Mazatlan on Wednesday, and Puerto Vallarta on Thursday. We'd then hit Cabo on Friday on our way back home.

I'm sure this threw our instructors into a little frenzy as to what to do, but without fail, they came up with the plan of just switching Tuesday's schedule for Friday's schedule. But, to keep the alternating instructor schedule intact, they switched our instructors for Wednesday & Friday.

What that meant for our group was that we got to do Wendy's 'big' project on Tuesday instead of Friday, which also meant that we had to keep it a secret. Well, it was a big board, and I had a little chuckle when we were told to keep the project 'under wraps'. LOL Still cracks me up. Anyway, this was my favorite project of the week. Sorry Tim, I loved the book project too, but it was a very close 2nd to this board.

The bottom portion of the board held a framed corkboard, and we decopaged all the wooden surfaces with old dress patterns. We then used the 'splattered' stamp all over the dress patterns using the Archival Coffee ink for a subtle background. I really enjoyed this, but the next part was even better!

We were supplied with grunge paper stamped with flowers again, but we also got leaves, a tag, and a head. We cut everything out (except on set of flowers), inked & decorated, and glued them on our boards. We all received a set of Tim's grunge alphabets, and we each made our own titles for our boards.

For the last set of flowers, Wendy had us glue some designer scrapbook paper to the backs and then cut them out. She showed us how to cut them and use them to create a beautiful little rose. I tell ya, I love gardening, and I really appreciate flowers when they're in the dirt. I'm not much of a person for cut flowers, nor am I a girly girl. But these flowers Wendy introduced me to are just perfect for me! They're grungy, fun, colorful, and best of all, no flowers die in the process.

I wanted this class to go on forever. I wanted to make more leaves and run them down the side of my board. And, I wanted flowers ... layers and layers of flowers! I'm going to post a photo of my board, but keep in mind that I'm still waiting for a little someone to order my re-inkers so I can make more flowers!

After this class, I went to the marketplace (again!), and loaded up on grunge paper. Not only for myself, but I wanted to teach these flowers to my students. Pretty soon, I'm gonna have to get a job with Ranger, cause I'm probably converting all my Stampin' Up! customers into Ranger customers. LOL

We had to rush back to our cabin because tonight was formal night at dinner, and we had just enough time to change and get to the dining room.

Don't ask me how I got that sunburn already ... I don't remember! LOL Anyway, while we were eating our dinners, all the waiters paraded around the dining room and then lined up on the big staircase and sang an Italian song to us. For the life of me, I don't remember the song either, but I do remember them saying that none of the waiters was Italian! LOL

Our waiter, Robert, is on the far right. I thing he really enjoyed this part of his job!

After dinner, I was exhausted. I headed back to my cabin to find this little guy ...

That Alester ... what a maroon! I love how he keeps putting Andrea's sunglasses on his towel animals.

Tomorrow, our first port ... Mazatlan!


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph! I loved that inspiration board project too. I assembled mine at home and actually hung it up within a week of my return. A miracle, because I have been known to keep a still packed suitcase in the middle of the living room for months before getting around to unpacking. I guess the trick for me is to know there are art supplies and projects inside!
I'm really enjoying your blog. Stretch it out, girl...I don't want the recollections to ever end!

Nancy said...

Love your board! Since I had to leave the class, thanks to Patricia(!), I finished mine up as soon as I got home - hung it on one wall, then decided the other day, I want it right at my workspace so I can see it all of the time. Helps me remember the fun of the cruise, for sure!
Now it's going to bug me, that I can't remember the song the waiters sang, either! It was Italian, a Dean Martin one? Oh, poop! *lol*

Francesca said...

The board turned out great, love it!
can't wait to next part of the cruise!

Lori said...

Nice job on the board, Stephanie! Don't you just love Wendy's flowers? I love flower gardens as well, so naturally I loved Wendy's stamps. Keep the cruise stuff coming!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Your inspiration board is great and I'm so glad that the journey continues through many of the blogs *smiles*

I'm having a little give-away on my blog if you'd like to stop by and take a look or enter to win!

xo keep creating!!