Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm so honored!

I'd like to thank my new good friend, Eileen Bellomo, for awarding me with this honor. I met many, many new friends, but Eileen is one of my favorites from the Cruise to Mexico with Tim Holtz & Wendy Vecchi.

With this honor comes a couple of little jobs. First, I have to pass this award onto 5 other deserving blogs, so after much thought this morning, here are my choices:

Studio 490 by Wendy Vecchi. I discovered Wendy's blog a couple of months before we set sail, and I was immediately hooked. She's not only very creative & talented, but her posts really make me laugh.

Thinkin' 'Bout Inkin' by Lori Hassler. Lori is another funny & creative new friend I met on the cruise. We were all so busy during the cruise that I'm sorry I didn't get to spend more time with her. I love her blog--just the name shows you how creative she is--and sometimes I laugh out loud.

Craftin' With TLC by Traci Camardella. Traci is one of my very best Stampin' Up! sistas. I love spending time with her while we create because she always makes me laugh.

Karen Barber Stamps
by, of course, Karen Barber. Karen is one of my uplines in my SU family. She's actually my uplines' upline, so in otherwords, she's my grandmother. Not only is she such a creative inspiration, but she is one of the funniest ladies I know, which in itself is quite funny. You see, Karen is quiet and on the shy side, but when she tells a story, stop what you're doing and listen cause she'll crack you up!

And, finally, Tina Stamps by Tina Rosenkrans. Tina is my leader, my guru. She is Karen's upline, so Tina's like my great-grandmother. She's very talented and a great upline to a huge number of us, and she treats us all like family. She's a very loving, giving person, but best of all she's is FUNN-EEE! It's a pleasure to know her personally and to be her friend.

Now, for the 2nd little job of this award: I have to tell you five facts about myself that you probably don't know, so here I go ...

1. My parents died by the time I was 10, and I'm the youngest of five. I believe that I inherited my creativity & crafting skills from my parents. My father used to work with leather making beautiful purses for my mom, belts, and more. My mother was even more of an inspiration ... she used to sew Barbie doll clothes and sell them. She taught me embroidery, basket weaving, painting on fabric and much more.

2. I never took an art class in high school. I used to think the ability to draw was a requirement, and I've always regretted that.

3. I never went to college. Another thing I've always regretted, and sometimes a little embarrassed about.

4. I used to deliver auto parts. Being the youngest of five, nobody wanted to let me drive their cars. One of my sisters had the job first, and when I found out that they paid her to drive, I was in! The years I worked at that auto supply store were some of the best of my life! I had so much fun at that job.

5. I'm a typesetter by trade. I spent 15 years in the graphic arts field before starting my family. I've worked on everything from military newspapers when I lived in Southern California to the Village Voice, STAR Magazine, New York Magazine, and even National Lampoon when I returned home to my native New Jersey.

Once again, I'd like to thank Eileen for giving me this honor, and I hope I chose 5 worthy recipients who will pass on the honor as well.


Nancy said...

Congrats on your award, Steph! You very much deserve it!!

I'm sorry you lost your parents when you were so young ... and you have no reason to be embarrassed about not going to college! I, like you, didn't take art in high school - didn't care for our art teacher. So, I've begun taking classes now - we're never too old, you know. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Everything you wrote about yourself just makes you all the more special to me, and even more interesting...if that is possible! See, I knew I picked the right person for the always make me smile!