Monday, February 7, 2011

Let there be light!

Do you know what these are? More importantly, what they mean? I have light switches! And ... that means, I have lights! Yayyyyy! The lights are finally done, so that means that now we can start moving my shelf units to their permanent homes!

This is my 'faux wall' between my craft room & laundry room. I'm going to house all my Stampin' Up! stamps here. Someone asked for a person in the pictures to get a better perspective ... Rick wasn't interested, so I posed and he took the pics. So far, these units are the only permanent ones set up so far, so tomorrow I'll be busy filling them up!

Here's another perspective shot of the room. My table will be going down the middle. That big pile next to me are all the shelves for all the units. When they're gone, I'm going to move down my paper racks to go along that back wall.

This will be my main storage area for everything that's not SU stamps ... Ranger stuff, tools, embellishments, jewelry making supplies, etc.

Those two boxes on the floor are my new table. We're probably going to put that together tomorrow night when Rick gets home from work. He wants to see how it's going to fit in the room before we permanently attach these other shelf units to the wall.

My 'faux wall' to the laundry room.

I caught Rick in one of my pics when he wasn't lookin'!

Can't wait to start bringing my stamps down and loading the first "wall 'o shelves"! I might even get started tonight after dinner!


Kathy Eddy said...

Wow, this is really coming along now! I bet you are bursting!

Laurel said...

Oh Stef...that's so exciting! Can't wait to see what it looks like all "loaded up" LOL

Nancy said...

Stephanie, this is wonderful - and we're all going to be drooling, once you have everything in place! So much work & it's going to be so very worth it!!

Anonymous said...

I so want to borrow your hubby! this will be awesome when completed! ty for letting us peek!

cher from ATT

LaStamper said...

The moment of truth approaches! Will everything fit? If it were me, I would have grossly underestimated how much would fit in the new storage. So, I hope you are better at judging and that everything fits with room to spare. Loving following along with your "project".

inge said...

hello Stephanie,

nice to see how this room grows !
And now you even have light ! :)

greetings from belgium