Friday, February 4, 2011


Did you ever rush to get a mess cleaned up, and ended up making a new mess 3x the size? Hello! Just did it! Rick wanted the garbage out because it was starting to smell, but I can't stand throwing out half empty garbage bags (we have to use special bags in my town that cost $.50 each!). I decided to grab all the styrofoam packing from the shelves, plus empty paint cans, rollers, etc. The roller I used 2 days ago was soooo stuck on the handle that I asked Rick to help me get it off. Luckily (and I mean luckily!), he said "let's do this outside". Good thinking Rick! So, he pulled, and pulled, and not only did the roller pop off, but there was tons of wet paint inside that spurted big gobs of light turquois paint on my paver stone walkway! I had to laugh, but how to clean it up? I grabbed some paper towels to get most of it off, but it also smeared. Rick told me to use the sponge mop. Haha! OK, so I did. Now, we have wet, watered-down light turquoise paint that is in the grout and seeping under the ice! I have a bathroom right inside the front door, so I kept running in & out rinsing the mop and trying to get the paint off. Now, there's a new mess inside! My neighbors must've thought I was nuts! I think I got it all, but we'll see when it dries and the ice melts.

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