Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Dec. 24th already?!

Where, oh where did this month go? I'm sooooo behind ... not that that's unusual for me, but this year, I'm ridiculously behind! I'm chalking it up to the vendor fair I ran at the beginning of the month, and the job at Michaels where I've been working extra hours. I have to get off this computer and actually finish MAKING my Christmas cards! lol! I'm making 130 cards this year, and in my little head, I thought they were pretty simple! Until I started making them! Sure, the basic card is simple ... a piece of folded cardstock w/Designer Series Paper. It's the rest of the card ... embossing outside & inside, the ribbon with the hint of silver cord, the felt snowflakes (I had to get anal about this step ... one of each color, and I couldn't have two of the same on one card!), the rhinestones, my signature stamp. Then, when I'm all done, I still have to fill them out, put in envelopes and add labels & stamps. I have to work today at 2:30pm (I worked last night too, and didn't get home until after midnight!), so do I think I can finish before then? NO!!! I think this year they might actually be my "Easter cards" as my hubby calls them! lol

And, decorations ... HA! We don't even have a Christmas tree! I took my son shopping on Saturday night, and when we got home, he dubbed the big palm tree in our family room our "Christmas tree". I'm so pathetic.

I hope everyone is fairing the holiday season better than me and really enjoying yourselves. I'm going to take some much needed time off for the next 2 weeks, and hopefully, get organized! That's my New Year's resolution ... organization! Oh, and to have 2009 Christmas cards done early! HA!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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